Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration (Fillings)

If your child's teeth are damaged, missing, weak, damaged, or broken or damaged, you may need dental restoration.

When Do You Need a Dental Filling?

Many indications and signs indicate fillings are required. The signs and symptoms may be described as follows:

  • A tooth hole.
  • Teeth with dark spots.
  • Food particles are stuck in some areas of the teeth.
  • Broken or chipped tooth.
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food.
  • Multiple cavities or a single cavity.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, there's the possibility that you require an appointment for a filling. The final choice will be that by your dentist following an extensive oral exam.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental filling is a method that dentists use to replace missing tooth structures that could result from tooth decay or trauma. The tooth becomes hollow due to decay, and dental fillings help in filling the hole and help protect the tooth from decay. Fillings are also used to repair damaged or damaged teeth, as well as teeth that wear away due to habits of the mouth like grinding teeth, nail-biting, etc.

What to Expect from a Dental Filling?

For the initial procedure to begin the process, your dentist is going to anesthetize any area surrounding the affected tooth using a local anesthetic. The dentist will then employ an air abrasion device or laser to eliminate the decayed portion. The instrument used will be determined by the dentist's experience, comfort levels, training, and investment in the specific instrument in the procedure, along with the location of the decay and the amount of decay that is present.

Process of Dental Filling

After conducting a test on the affected area and determining that the decay is gone, the dentist will prepare the area for filling by cleansing the space free of bacteria and debris. If the decay is close to the roots, your dentist can start by putting in an infill to protect nerves within the root. Once the filling is in, the dentist will make it into a shape before polishing and shaping. After the dentist has finished the filling, it'll be cut, shaped, and polished to achieve the desired finish.

Restore Teeth through Dental Filling

Dental fillings can help restore teeth by repairing and preventing tooth decay. Infections or holes in your teeth may cause discomfort or sensitivity and, when left untreated, could result in additional issues with your teeth as well as long-term health problems with your teeth, such as infections. Dental decay can occur due to a poor diet and insufficient flossing or brushing your teeth. Fillings make these holes smaller and repair damaged or chipped teeth.

In Edgebrook Dental, we only utilize the most up-to-date tooth-colored bonding and filling materials to fill cavities. In addition, unlike other dental practices, we provide affordable rates for fillings no matter the size of your tooth or the number of fillings needed! The exact price is offered for a single surface or multiple surfaces on each tooth, guaranteeing the cost of your dental treatment without any surprises!

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