Porcelain Veneers

A gorgeous smile is an essential element of professional and personal success. Thus your smile is extremely vital. It doesn't matter if you have cracked or chipped teeth or have teeth colored differently than the others, veneers may be the best option for you.

Here at Edgebrook Dental, we offer the finest quality porcelain veneers at our dental clinic. A veneer refers to a front surface for teeth customized from porcelain. Veneers are extremely flexible They can straighten protruding or crowding teeth, reduce gaps, or even reduce the color of teeth.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are small pieces of hard tooth-colored porcelain made in a dental lab. They are then bonded to the teeth's surface to give them a beautiful seamless appearance. Veneers can be used to fix a range of dental issues, among them

  • cracks,
  • discoloration,
  • the misalignment of the vehicle and
  • spaces between gaps between.

Veneers are frequently utilized as an alternative to crowns and are thought of as an ideal option for a variety of dental issues. Veneers are extremely durable and last for years. Like most restorations, they're not guaranteed and could need to be replaced.

Who is the best candidate for Veneers?

If you suffer from one or one or more of the following conditions and you are suffering from any of them, then veneers might be the ideal option for you.

  • Tees that are not straight
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Tees that are severely stained or discolored
  • Unshapen teeth
  • Teeth that are either too small or too big
  • Spaces that are not wanted or uneven.

The process of getting veneers typically only requires several visits, and very little or no anesthesia for the procedure. The instructions for care will be provided to maximize the longevity of your veneers.

We will work with you to choose the most suitable tooth color or perhaps a variety of shades for more depth and harmony. As part of the process, we often suggest that you whiten your teeth before starting your porcelain veneer treatment to get the most effective results. Dental veneers are also used to make repairs. If teeth are damaged, broken, chipped or cracked veneers can help restore the tooth to its original function. So long as the tooth structure is in good condition it is possible to make a new appearance for teeth while allowing you to eat and talk without feeling discomfort.

As there is an approximately two-week time frame to create the porcelain veneers, temporary ones are made and placed. These temporaries give you an idea of the result and aid in identifying any necessary adjustments in the process of creating the permanent porcelain veneers.

We offer dental veneers to ensure patients can repair damaged teeth and transform their smiles to look beautiful. At Edgebrook Dental, we often treat patients with various dental issues. A few patients come to the Mountain View office because they damage their teeth, and others are seeking to make a Hollywood smile. The majority of patients are eligible for treatment as long as the teeth's structure and roots are healthy. If however, you suffer from a cavity or gum infection, it must be addressed before we complete the procedure.

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