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Hygiene Services

We are a forward-thinking dental institution that has created an environment for our staff to be able only to care for our patients. An off-site organization handles the administrative work.

What Exactly Does an Oral Hygienist do?

A dental hygienist's job is to develop, manage, and maintain your dental health overall. Their primary focus is preventative dental care, which is taking care of your gums and teeth to ensure their health. It can prevent or lessen the chances of suffering from future dental problems and other health problems.

In your dental hygiene appointments, our dental hygienists offer a variety of services, including:
A thorough dental examination assesses the current state of your teeth and identifies any potential issues. Complete a periodontal chart to assess the condition of the bone and gum levels around each tooth.

Gum disease and tooth decay are the two leading causes of tooth loss in adults, and both are preventable by regular dental treatment as well as a consistent dental hygiene routine that is at hand at home.

Dental Hygiene Services

It is important to take care of your home, but it's also essential that you visit your dentist to get more thorough routine cleanings each now and again. In the North Carolina dental offices, we offer the following hygiene services:

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride can be present in public water supplies and various toothpaste. If you find that your teeth can benefit from additional fluoride, we'll provide you with an expert treatment for fluoride. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and guards against tooth decay.

Periodontal Treatments: If we see indications of gum disease such as red or swelling gums, pockets of pus between teeth and gums, and even bleeding from the gums, we can offer a more thorough periodontal cleaning to return your gums to a more healthy condition of health.

Professional Tooth Cleaning: It helps your teeth stay healthy, avoid loss of enamel or decay, and avoid gingivitis by visiting our dental office for regular cleanings once every six months.

Tooth Decay Prevention: Exams that we frequently conduct, in conjunction with your regular at-home oral hygiene routine, can help you prevent dental decay and cavities.

Oral Health Linked to Body Health

Insufficient oral hygiene may cause gum disease and tooth decay. However, studies show that poor dental health can be significantly linked to other chronic illnesses in the system.

Your mouth is home to a mixture of both harmful and good bacteria. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleansing help eliminate harmful bacteria. In contrast, bad oral hygiene can result in an increase of bacteria that are harmful to your health. In addition, poor oral hygiene can lead to bleeding gums and inflammation which could allow harmful bacteria to get into your bloodstream, causing damage to the other organs of your body.

Whatever your dental requirements, you'll be in safe hands with our team of specialists. Our hygienists will be dedicated to keeping your teeth in good health and instructing you on how to take care of your teeth outside the dental office.

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