Invisible braces are an excellent method to straighten crooked, misaligned, or rotated teeth, resulting in a better, more attractive smile. Invisalign is a virtually invisible and non-metal alternative to conventional braces. The movement of teeth is accomplished through clear, custom-designed aligners. These aligners are worn 20 to 22 every day, spanning the teeth, and they are invisible to the naked eye.

Invisalign aligners can be an excellent option for patients who want a straighter, more pleasing, and attractive smile without the need for braces and wires made of metal.

Process for Getting Invisalign

The process for obtaining Invisalign is reasonably straightforward. Initial, a consultation will be scheduled in conjunction with Edgebrook Dental to confirm that your patient's a great candidate for Invisalign and that the patient's goal is achievable through Invisalign treatment. After the candidacy has been established, an estimate of the treatment plan will be given, and all questions will be addressed.

If the treatment is approved, impressions of your lower and upper jaws and the teeth are taken, and photos will be taken both externally and intraoral of your smile and teeth. The case will be presented for review by Invisalign, and a complete treatment plan, including an estimate of the time required for treatment, will be created. After careful consideration and revisions to the treatment plan, The dentist will also accept the manufacture of custom aligners. This procedure typically takes one to three weeks.

Benefits of Invisalign

Clear aligners from Invisalign provide many advantages over braces that are traditional:

Aesthetics: Clear aligners of plastic fit comfortably over teeth and aren't noticeable to other people. Metal braces achieve similar effects; however, they are more noticeable to others, particularly the conventional metal wire, brace brackets, and brackets. Other options for clear braces like Ceramic braces or lingual braces aren't as visible, but they still require more equipment than Invisalign.

Comfort: Invisalign clear aligners are elegant, smooth, and will fit comfortably in your teeth. They cause minimal discomfort to the gums or internal structure of the mouth. There could be slight discomfort when an aligner is first utilized because your teeth are shifting to adjust to the new aligners. However, the soreness will disappear rapidly.

Convenience: Your dentist will give you Invisalign aligners set up in sets. As your treatment progresses, your dentist will visit you every 4-to 6 weeks to ensure your treatment is going well and give you new aligners. Traditional braces generally require a couple of additional visits to your orthodontist for adjustments.

Clean Oral Hygiene: oral hygiene is easy when using Invisalign. The aligners made of plastic are removable and make it easy to floss and brush regularly. Since Invisalign Invisalign treatment plan demands removal of the aligners before eating or drinking, it is less likely that food items get stuck between your teeth and can help prevent dental problems such as tooth decay.

Why Choose Edgebrook Dental?

Our team at Edgebrook Dental can straighten smiles and increase confidence! Our Invisalign dentists will design the treatment plan that is based on the scans created using our cutting-edge minimally invasive digital imaging equipment. We invest in the most advanced dental equipment to make every appointment as pleasant as possible!

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